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Being izmirtalk member

Chance to Participate in Events

Hey month a chance to participate in the events we organize regularly? Do not miss this opportunity.


We give you special gifts at our events! Bookmarks, discount cards and more!

24/7 Active WhatsApp Conversation Group

You can chat and meet new people all day long by joining our English or German speaking groups!

A Chance To Be A Guest Of Our Content

We produce a lot of content on podcasts, Youtube and Instagram. We want our members to be a part of this content! Don't you want to join?

Special Online Events

Are you bored at home in the evenings? You can join our games and events on Discord! Who can say no to a chat over a coffee?


Spending time with hundreds of qualified people in their field? Maybe you are just a click away from the environment that will open the door to new opportunities!

It's Your Turn Now

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