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İzmirtalk is an organization that strives to create the most suitable environment for you to speak and have fun in English. With the experience and knowledge we have gained over time, we have arranged our rules for you, our members, to have a better time.


Events and WhatsApp

İzmirtalk is an organization open to permanent member recruitment. It is very important for us and other members that you, our members, be active while fulfilling this purpose. You will be contacted if you do not attend the events and are not in contact on WhatsApp. If this miscommunication continues, you will be expelled from the membership.


Just English!

Only English is spoken at our events, WhatsApp and our Mobile app. The main purpose of this is for our members to make conversation in English a daily habit. ItIf you deliberately and repeatedly violate the rule, you will be unsubscribed.


There is no place for disrespect!

İzmirtalk offers you many social opportunities. These are both virtual and physical environments. Anything you do to those around you while you are in these environments.In case of disrespect, it may be a matter of time before you are unsubscribed.

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