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  • Is there a fee to join izmirtalk?
    Yes, our registrations are paid. izmirtalk wants to go out with the members who want to take themselves one step further with us and as high quality as possible. We have decided to make our memberships paid in order to provide you with a much better quality environment and to prevent problems that may occur in advance. With a small fee, you, who will be part of izmirtalk, will have a better time and the number of inactive members will decrease. 😊
  • Where are event announcements made?
    We make all announcements about the event on WhatsApp and 💥
  • How can I participate in events?
    In order to participate in the events, you must first fill out the registration form on After registration, we add you to our WhatsApp group, and then you can access information about the event location and time after we make the announcement. 😁
  • Where are the events taking place?
    We are trying to organize our activities in every corner of İzmir. The venue where we actively hold events is İzmir/Buca Hungry Dog Pub. Apart from that, we also organize events in Alsancak from time to time. We make sure to announce the announcements about the event 1 day before the event. 😅
  • Do we only speak English on WhatsApp and at events?
    Yes. We communicate in English during the whole event and over WhatsApp. If you deliberately communicate in Turkish at events and on WhatsApp, you will be kicked out of the group. For more;
  • What is the content of the events?
    Our primary goal in our events is to prepare an environment where you can speak English comfortably. Of course, we will be having fun and learning new things while doing this. Our activities consist of four parts: 1-Meet 2- Talking in groups of 2 on topics 3- English Practice games 4- Fun Activity (Cup games etc.) While doing this, we try to offer you different content and activities every week. If you want to learn more, you can contact us via our social media accounts. 😎
  • Can we bring a friend who is not a member to the events?
    Of course! You can bring a friend to the events at any time! However, there is a quota for some of our events. In this case, you must notify this in advance. Likewise, we may experience problems during the event. We have special offers in our ticket prices for the additional friend you bring. We announce these before the event! :)
  • Is there an environment where we can speak English apart from the events?
    Of course! We constantly speak English on WhatsApp and Discord. For Discord;
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